Waiting (1999)

waiting (1999) 2 channel electroacoustic music on tape. Duration approx 15 mins. Composed for Danceworks ‘98, July 15 – 25. Broadcast on ABC Classic FM, 3 February 1999.

Flightpaths (1998): a radiophonic work

Flight Paths: radiophonic (1998). 2 channel radio work. Duration approximately 40 mins. Broadcast on Poetica, ABC Radio National, Saturday 23 May, 1998.

eX (1997): for double bass, UPIC and electronics

eX (1997) For double bass, electronics and tape. Duration 9 mins 17 secs. First performed by Roger Dean, The Performance Space in Sydney, Saturday 9 August, 1997. Broadcast on ABC Classic FM, 3 February 1999.

Syrene (1989) for 4 trombones and 2 percussionists

An early work, presented for Harvey’s graduation from the then Canberra School of Music, Australian National University.  Included here as it contains a spatial component. The other works on the recital included an improvisation for prepared piano and Akai samples, and a multichannel electroacoustic composition created on the Fairlight CMI.

L’image Du Feu dan L’eau A & B (1996)

L’image du feu dans l’eau version A (1996) Composed on the UPIC system for 2 or 4 channel tape. Duration approx 15 mins. Premiered Computer Music Workshop in Sydney October, and broadcast on ABC Classic FM November 1996 as part of the ABC Computer Composition Award, ABC Southbank Studios. Monash University, August 5, 2001 L’image du feu dans l’eau version …

The Meaning of Moorabbin (2008)

Sound designer for The meaning of Moorabbin, 9 – 25 October, with theatre company nyid as part of Melbourne Festival 2008

Canyon Installation: spatial sound design (2018)

A collaboration with Jules Moloney (Architecture and Interdisciplinary Design, Deakin University) and Simon Twose (School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington), Anastasia Globa (Research Fellow, Architecture, Deakin University) and Jesse Simpson (Associate Research Fellow Interdisciplinary Design, Deakin University) The canyon landscape has unimaginable mass and scale, with water kilometres deep; it is figured by seismic jolts, turbid flows, pressures and …

Sonic Rupture: Elemental Shapings, Sound Forests, Urban Voices (2016)

Three Radiophonic works – duration: 45 mins ‘Sonic Rupture’ is a sound work commissioned by The Creative Audio Unit of ABC Radio National for the program ‘SoundProof’. It was nationally broadcast over three episodes in December 2016. The work creatively recounts an international field trip through USA, the UK and Europe during which multiple sound installations, and their creators, were …

Ecstasis: human presence in digital environments (2001-03)

Duration: continuous installation with embedded cyclic compositions Produced with Jonathan Duckworth and Mark Guglielmetti as Metraform. Ecstasis: human presence in digital environments (2001-2003) 8 channel soundscape for stereoscopic VR environment developed in Max/MSP, including interactive head-tracking control. Ecstasis was a multi-user audio-visual installation, which involves up to four participants who simultaneously explore the virtual environment via a multi-user head-tracking system. Motion …