Associate Professor Lawrence Harvey is a composer, sound designer and director of SIAL Sound Studios, School of Design, RMIT University.  In early 2018 he was appointed Interim Associate Dean Research in the new School of Design at RMIT. Since 2002, he has led ARC Discovery and Linkage Grants, industry funded projects and has 16 PhD or Masters completions with the majority on scholarships. His PhD The Auditory Centre, investigated the practice of sound design in a school of spatial studies.  His research and teaching integrates urban soundscape research, acoustic design and spatial music composition and performance. He has also collaborated in interdisciplinary teaching and research with musicians and artists, interior, digital and industrial designers, and architects.

Lawrence has performed around Australia and in Seoul, Huddersfield, The Hague and Vienna. In addition to electroacoustic compositions, he has produced gallery and urban sound installations, and spatial sound designs for VR and theatre performances. Since 2004, he has been curator or performer on 25 public concerts as SIAL Sound Studios, RMIT University using the spatial sound diffusion system, a speaker orchestra developed in the Studios. He will continue and expand the public concert series in the new School of Design. In addition to creative practice outputs, he has 34 peer reviewed and other publications.

He holds a PhD from the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University Melbourne, and completed the Composition and Computer Music Course at Les Ateliers UPIC (formely CCMIX), Paris, a M.Mus (Composition) at the University of Melbourne, and a B.Mus (Composition) at the School of Music Canberra.


Full CV as pdf is available here

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  • Hannam, J. and Harvey, L. 2019, Walk with Me, in Non-Representational Theory and the Creative Arts, Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, pp. 311-324 ISBN: 9789811357497
  • Lacey, J. Pink, S. and Harvey, L. 2019, Noise transformation: A critical listening-based methodology for the design of motorway soundscapes in Qualitative Research Journal, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom, vol. 19, 1, pp. 49-64 ISSN: 1443-9883
  • Pink, S. Lacey, J. Harvey, L. Sumartojo, S. Duque Hurtado, M. and Moore, S. 2019, Recycling traffic noise: transforming sonic automobilities for revalue and well being, in Mobilities, Routledge, United Kingdom, pp. 1-20 ISSN: 1745-0101
  • Harvey, L. Bartolomei, L., Lever, G., Buckingham, J., Peters, J. (2019) Voicing the Sonic: case study of the RMIT Sonic Arts Collection and Speaker Orchestra. Refereed conference paper in 2019 ACUADs Conference: Engagement, 31 Oct-1st November 2019, VCA and RMIT University Melbourne.
  • Twose, S., Moloney, J., Harvey, L., Globa, A. (2019) Ethereal Drawing: Architectural Drawing in other Domains. Refereed Conference paper in Annual Design Research Conference (ADR19 Monash University, Melbourne 3-4 of October 2019
  • Leadership Roles;
    • Acting HDR Coordinator for School of Design (Semester 1);
    • Project leader for the Sonic Immersion Working Group with Melbourne Museum, Deakin University and UNSW.
    • Project leader for Sound, Music, Acoustics (SoMA) a new cross university research group.



  • Notes from the Floor. A response to Nearly Finished, by David Pledger for imaginedTheatres: writing for a theoretical stage. Available online, issue 02, 2018.
  • Launch of Agile Digital: a website for the ARC Linkage Project Agile Opera. An online resource for creative arts organisations to discover approaches for adapting live performance to digital and spatial forms and for academics to access research from the Agile Opera Project, at https://agileopera.com. 27 June.
  • Canyon: multichannel sound design for an exhibition. XVI Venice Biennale, in TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, Palazzo Bembo, 26 May – 25 November. Visual and spatial design by Simon Twose and Jules Moloney. See <http://thecanyon.org>
  • Canyon: Experiments in Drawing through Analogue Sketching, Sound and Virtual Reality. Twose, S., MoloneyJ., and Harvey, L. Peer reviewed conference paper & proceedings at the ADR 18: 1st Annual Design Research Conference (ADR18), University of Sydney, 27-28 September. Published on line < http://drawingon.org/issue/03> in 2019.
  • Canyon: Drawing Presences from an Undersea Landscape Through Gesture, VR and Sound. Twose, S., MoloneyJ., and Harvey, L. Peer reviewed conference paper at the 5thInternational Conference on Architecture and Built Environment with AWARDs Conference S.ARCH Conference – The Way It’s Meant to Be. 22-24 May, Venice, Italy.
  • Leadership Roles;
    • Appointed Interim Associate Dean Research (Jan-Aug) School of Design,
    • Project leader to develop SoMA (Sound, Music, Acoustics) a new cross-university research group.



  • The Value Chamber: Performance and digital iterations across art, design and education. Peer review paper at Australian Council of University Arts and Design Schools, Canberra September 28-29 with Gregory More, David Forrest, Margaret Trail, Louise Godwin, Sam McGilp.
  • Guest Moderator for 2970° Practicing Democracy, Gold Coast Art Centre, September 8-9.
  • Oceans Concert,Curator and Sound Diffusion. Works based on the sounds and motions of oceans for RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall, RMIT University, May 2 and 3.
  • Soundscape design of motorway parkland environments: an industry-based approach.Peer reviewed paper at Invisible Places – Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place, April 7-9,  São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal. Jordan Lacey, Stephan Moore, Sarah Pink, Shanti Sumartojo, Xiaojun Qiu
  • Transurban Project, development field work and industry report with Jordan Lacey, Stephan Moore, Sarah Pink, Shanti Sumartojo, Xiaojun Qiu. Melbourne February 20-25 and Sydney March 17-19.


  • Agile Chambers: a performance and presentation program, RMIT Design Hub Gallery with Chamber Made Opera. Panel chair for 3 artist round tables presented as part of the ARC Linkage Project – Agile Opera, December 6-10.
  • Sonic Ruptures: Elemental Shapings, Sound Forest and Urban Voices. Lawrence Harvey and Jordan Lacey. Forty-five minute radiophonic work commissioned and broadcast on SoundProof, ABC Radio National, Australia, 9, 16 & 23 December.
  • The Surface Project Concert, spatial sound diffusion for Elision Ensemble concert, Story Hall, RMIT University, 21 September. <https://rmitgallery.com/2016/09/19/free-elision-concert-september-21-rmit-storey-hall/>
  • Starting with nothing and Ending up with something: musical improvisation and parametric spatial design improvisation. Ham, J. Harvey, L. Schnabel, M. and Prohasky, D. 2016, ‘Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADE 2016)
  • Assessor for EU Horizon2020 Grant Program, Creative Victoria Organisation Funding, Leonardo Abstracts Online, ARC Linkage and Discovery Grants.



  • Artistic Advisor to the RMIT Bundoora Soundscape System, opened March 2014.
  • Workshop guest presenter, SPEAK Percussions Emerging Artist Program.
  • Improving models for urban soundscape systems.SoundEffects – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience, Vol 3, No.3 (2013): Urban Sounds. Available online, http://www.soundeffects.dk/, ISSN: 1904-500X
  • Commence Agile Opera: chamber opera in a new era. Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project with Chamber Made Opera, Australia Council and Federation Square. <http://www.sial.rmit.edu.au/portfolio/agile-opera/>


  • Composing Spaces: Spatial Music from Gabrieli to the 21stGuest lecture and performance, Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatorium, The Hague, 9-13 April, 2013.
  • Invited presenter in Listening Practices: Disturbing silence with sound and noiseas part of Critical Forum, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand, 22 August via skype.
  • Sound Bites City: the inaugural exhibition of RMIT University’s new Sound Art Collection. Curator with Suzanne Davies and Jon Buckingham. RMIT University Gallery, Melbourne, 4 September – 19 October, 2013. <http://www.rmit.edu.au/rmitgallery/soundbitescity>. Accessed 23 Oct. 13
  • TheBlack of the Star (Le Noir de L’Etoile),by Gerard Grisey. Spatial direction of concert and recordings with Speak Percussion, Melbourne Festival Performance, Deakin Edge, Federation Square Melbourne, October 16-17.
  • ARC Linkage Grant Agile Opera: chamber opera in a new era (2013-2016) with Chamber Made Opera, Australia Council for the Arts and Federation Square.


  • Audio Architecture, guest presenter for soundscape compositions by Barry Truax, July 25, 2012. Arts Centre Melbourne, refer <http://audioarchitecture.com.au/pinboard/projects/Lawrence-harvey/>. Accessed 28 February, 2013.
  • Conference Presentations: ‘Digital Earth AV : Augmenting digital environments through spatialized sound’, Jules Moloney and Lawrence Harvey. Digital Earth Summit 2012, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, New Zealand, 2-4 September2012.


  • Construction-Huddersfield,spatial direction of concert and live-to-air broadcast with Elision Ensemble, 19 November. As part of ARC Linkage Grant.
  • Codex-Melbourne, spatial direction of concert and live-to-air broadcast with Elision Ensemble, Iwaki Hall, ABC Classic FM, 26 March. As part of ARC Linkage Grant.
  • Workshop leader for Acoustic Ecology and Spatial Sound. Workshops for Audiology Australia, SIAL Sound Studios, 18 March.


  • Manifest – co-Artistic Direction with Chamber Made Opera, performance at Arts House, North Melbourne, 4 September, 2010. Including works from studios at Harvard University, Birmingham University, CREATE Santa Barbara and SIAL Sound Studios.
  • Design Documentation for an Urban Soundscape System at RMIT. Melbourne, Harvey et al. (2010/2011). Funded by RMIT Art Committee.
  • A Case Study of Melbourne’s Five Urban Soundscape Systems. Funded by the Design Research Institute, RMIT, 2009-2010.


  • PhD passed with no amendments and high commendations.
  • Artistic Director and artist for five concerts in the Opus 1, the inaugural season for the Melbourne Recital Centre – February to June. Works by Xenakis, Stockhausen, Boulez, Schafer, Nono et. Al.
  • Research leader ARC Linkage Project The spatial ensemble: scaling instrumental resonance and morphology for spatialised performance with Elision Ensemble
  • Research leader Urban Soundscape Design Group and researcher for Customising Space, funded RMIT University’s Design Research Institute.
  • Guest presentation Musique Concrete and Poeme Electroniqueat Liquid Architecture,Melbourne Planetarium 12 July 2009.


  • Research leader for the Urban Soundscape Design Group and researcher for Customising Space, funded RMIT University’s Design Research Institute.
  • Chief Investigator on ARC funded Discovery ProjectTEIMU (the garden of dreams): Aural and Aesthetic Attributes of Japanese Gardens as Models for Spatial Environments and ARC Linkage Project The spatial ensemble: scaling instrumental resonance and morphology for spatialised performance with Elision Ensemble and Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art.
  • Sound designer for The meaning of Moorabbin, 9 – 25 October, with theatre company nyid as part of Melbourne Festival 2008
  • Conference Presentations: ‘Auditory City: Realising an Auditory Spatial Awareness’, Lawrence Harvey, Jeffrey Hannam and Dr. Michael Fowler, Music, Culture, Society, 6-8 March, Monash University.


  • Spectrum 03, 24-26 May, Arts House Meat Market, North Melbourne, Artistic Director and sound diffusion for series.
  • Material City, 22-24 September, Leader and presenter for a three-day urban soundscape workshop for the Laneways Commissions. Supported by City of Melbourne, Arts and Culture Branch.
  • Auditory City, 2 October Melbourne Town Hall, 9 October Fullham Lane and 16 November Signal Soundscape System, Artistic Director and sound diffusion for the series. Supported by City of Melbourne, Arts and Culture Branch.
  • Research leader for the Urban Soundscape Design Group and researcher for Customising Space, funded RMIT University’s Design Research Institute.
  • Chief Investigator on ARC funded Discovery ProjectTEIMU (the garden of dreams): Aural and Aesthetic Attributes of Japanese Gardens as Models for Spatial Environments and ARC Linkage Project The spatial ensemble: scaling instrumental resonance and morphology for spatialised performance with Elision Ensemble and Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art.


  • Silence and other ways… July 31, Storey Hall, RMIT University
  • SPECTRUM 02Performance of the SIAL Sound Studios, 3-4 May, BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne
  • SPECTRUM 02Artist and Technical Workshops 29-30 April BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne
  • CitySounds 1.0report and CitySounds 2.0 launch, 7 February, Experimedia, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne
  • Japan field trip to Tokyo and visit to Future University, Hakodate, 12-21 June
  • Assessor for ARC Discovery Applications and paper referee for Australian Computer Music and Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship Conferences
  • Conference Presentations: Architecture, Music, Acoustics Conference at Ryerson University, Toronto, 8-10 June


  • K,performances with theatre company not yet its difficult,Seoul Performing Arts Festival, 8-16 October
  • Ecstasisexhibition with MetraformExperimedia, State Library of Victoria, 13 July – 18 September
  • Invited panel member and chair, National Music Technology Conference, Melbourne 20 May
  • Conference Presentations: Designing for Diversity, Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) Conference, Vancouver 27 April – 2 May, and,  Inside-OutConference, Interior Designers and Educators Association, Melbourne, 22-24 April


  • Ecstasiswith Metraform, Ars Electronica Centre exhibition, Linz, 7 September
  • Ecstasiswith Metraform, Biennial of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP), John Curtin Gallery, Perth 10 September – 12 December
  • Ecstasiswith Metraform, Architectural Biennial, Beijing, 20 September-6 October
  • SPECTRUM 01 – inaugural concert series of the SIAL Sound Studios at Horti Hall, 3-4 December
  • Conference presentations and guest lectures Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship, Copenhagen, 12-14 February; Sensoria Festival of Design Education, Melbourne, 28 July’
  • Guest lecture on CitySounds, Melbourne Chapter of the Australian Acoustical Society, 26 October.


  • Island & Canopies,artistic direction and performance, Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference, Federation Sq Melbourne, 22 March
  • Kwith nyid, Vienna Festival, Museums Quarter Vienna, 8-11 May
  • Soundsites, SOUNDplay Tranzmedia Arts Festival Toronto, 9-12 October
  • Conference presentations: DAC Conference, Ecstasis showings 23-24 May


  • R.S.E project in Next Wave Festival with Metraform 17-26 May
  • Guest artist for Collaboration Intensive with NYID, VCA Centre for Ideas, 5-11 June & 27 June-3 July
  • Australian Computer Music Conference concerts, concert management, Victorian College of the Arts, 6-8 July
  • Sound design for with nyid, Museum Victoria, Melbourne Festival, 23 October-2 November
  • Canopies: concert version, presented atLiveWires Sydney Conservatorium, 20 November, 2002


  • Canopies (concert version), CREATE, University of California, Santa Barbara 17 May
  • Symbiosis – six eight minute multichannel soundscapes, with Metraform, 22 screenings atMelbourne International Film Festival, Virtual Reality Centre, RMIT University, 21-30 July
  • L’image du feu dans l’eau version Aconcert at Monash Conservatorium of Music, 5 August
  • Other activities – Harvey, L. “Publishing and the WWW”, Sounds AustraliaNo 58, 2001. Guest Editor and Editorial. ISSN 1030-4908.
  • Vice-president, Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology (AFAE)


  • Canopies, chimerical acoustic environments. An installation on the promenade of the Southgate Arts Precinct, drawing on the rhythmic motions created by movements and sonic echoes of natural forces. Commissioned for Texture Southgate public arts program, January 18 – April 21
  • Soundsites, Paralympic Arts Festival exhibition, Seymour Centre, 16-28 October
  • Home, mentor for community arts project, Richmond Community Health Centre
  • Other Activities:

Coordinator for Resonance: Forum Series of the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Vice-President for the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology to 2002.

Founding member of Metraformand development of 3D soundscapes for virtual reality projects

Creative development with theatre company, NYID,for The Trial, later re-titled K.

Selected projects, events and presentations prior to 2000



  • Australian National Academy of Music, seminars in producing electroacoustic and contemporary music performances.
  • The Occupation of Space: Soundsites, an exhibition of 24 acoustic moments created from interviews with sight impaired individuals to determine how they negotiate space by aural means. Each moment presents an experience of various acoustic memories, impressions, signals and environments. Curated by Samantha Comte, funded by the Melbourne City Council at Span Galleries, presented as part of the Melbourne Festival.


  • Coordinator for both Next Wave Festival and the Australian National Academy of Music Sound and Contemporary Music Series that included a programme of 15 concerts at the South Melbourne Town Hall, May 15 – 31.
  • President of Australian Computer Music Association.


  • Curator of The Reflective Space, ten electroacoustic concerts in Melbourne, with Contemporary Music Events, November.
  • Awarded a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship and a Creative Development Grant from the Australia Council to study composition and computer music at Les Ateliers UPIC, Paris. October 1995 – May.
  • Finalist in the ABC Computer Composition Award, November.

1994. Vice President, Australian Computer Association.