Symbiosis: spatial sound for VR (2000-01)

Duration: 48 mins in six sections: Nebsphere, Modelkit, Construct, Still Life, Backface, Landscape

Image: a mixing score used in production of Symbiosis. The VR Centre sound studio was two floors above the projection facility. The scores were made by printing the waveform onto paper and the volume envelopes onto transparency in A4 landscape. A continuous score was constructed for listening notes by sticking the paper and transparency sheets together.

Symbiosis is a forty-eight minute work comprising six eight minute, eight channel ‘indicative soundscapes’ for a virtual reality work. The term “indicative soundscape” was employed to describe a technical work-around for a series of issues discovered during the making of the Project. The visual components of the Project were stereoscopic projections of three-dimensional chambers designed by the two other members of Metraform, architect Jonathan Duckworth and new media artist Mark Guglielmetti.

Program from Melbourne International Film Festival, 2001.

Symbiosis Melbourne International Film Festival, Virtual Reality Centre, Melbourne, Australia 21 – 30 July 2001

Symbiosis was regularly shown to RMIT VR Centre visitors from 2001-2004.

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