Ecstasis: human presence in digital environments (2001-03)

Duration: continuous installation with embedded cyclic compositions

Produced with Jonathan Duckworth and Mark Guglielmetti as Metraform.

Ecstasis: human presence in digital environments (2001-2003) 8 channel soundscape for stereoscopic VR environment developed in Max/MSP, including interactive head-tracking control.

Ecstasis was a multi-user audio-visual installation, which involves up to four participants who simultaneously explore the virtual environment via a multi-user head-tracking system. Motion through the work is determined not only by an individual’s decisions on where to move within the environment but also by the sum of the activities of all participants. The work is projected onto a large semi-circular screen with blended video output from six separate projectors producing a stereoscopic 3D screen 7.8 metres wide and combined with an eight channel three-dimensional sound field. The sound design is based on a cyclic structure with overlaid with interactive soundscape that repeats around 20 – 30 minutes.

RMIT Virtual Reality Centre, Melbourne, Australia Ongoing from 2003 until 2004
John Curtin Gallery, Biennial Electronic Arts Perth, Perth, Australia 10 September – 12 December 2004
Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria 7 September 2004
Architectural Biennial, Beijing, China 20 September – 6 October 2004
Experimedia, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 13 July – 18 September 2005

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